How To: See all topics you haven't read yet

Community Manager
Community Manager

How To: See all topics you haven't read yet

Here's a handy link for those of you who like to read EVERYTHING on the community (there are a few of you, I know!):


Unread discussions across the whole community:


You can also see unread discussions within a specific board, e.g.: 

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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Head in the Cloud

Thanks for this information @CarolineS 🙂

Eliot F | Simplifying IT with Cloud Solutions
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Here to help

Thank you! It was hard to find all the topics like in a traditional forum--can't help anyone if we can't find it!
Here to help

I like the user guide of how to find things.  this is usually where I waste a lot o time on these kind of boards.  Keep the info coming!!

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