Go Cisco!


Go Cisco!

My new mantra when considering anything Internet related is Go Cisco. For family and/or small business needs. I was recently on the phone with the 'business' team at Linksys, and when they told me their business product line is no longer in production I asked what they recommend, they said you probably want to call Cisco. Money. I even asked about their ads on the website about the product line called HomeWRK w/Fortinet, and they said they don't have a direct phone number or email address and I should "reach out to them through the web form." I thought oh brother, sounds like a road I don't even want to consider. The Cisco universe is wide and it takes a while to narrow down information; engineers who can validate my attempted configuration, and sales folk who can get my license activated. But the time feels well spent because you gain a privacy/security education as you pursue what seems like a simple question. How do I secure my family, devices, small business offices in the most complete and direct way possible. More to come, but so far it sounds like a few things including VPN and MDM are basic building blocks. I'm honestly surprised that in 2022 the 'retail' or 'consumer' version of internet equipment passes as 'secure' these days. Security is possible, you just have to stop cutting corners. Read up, ask questions, and if what passes as a 'secure router' at BestBuy and Costco is driven by consumer demand, demand more! Better equipment, better apps, better integration and offering of services like VPN, and certainly better access to Cisco certified specialists (CCNA/CCNP). Now, to the hills! -Network1

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

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