Greetings from Finland

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Greetings from Finland

I'm Jyrki Halonen and I'm working in a service provide company called Netox. My role is lead architect of networks and it includes network environments in DC and in customer sites.
We are using quite a bit of Meraki devices, but only MX, MS and MR devices. In the future I want to expand the other Meraki options also to build wider visibility to infrastructure.

From the community I'm looking support and help to the questions I'll have in the future.


And fun fact about myself: I love to travel and aim is to visit over 100 countries 😊.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jyrki! Welcome to the Meraki Community 🎉 😄 It's great to hear that you are already considering ways to get more visibility into your infrastructure. I imagine that's a goal that's top of mind for a lot of folks here, so you will find yourself in good company!


Such a great fun fact, thanks for sharing! Which countries are at the top of your list to visit next? Any favorites so far? I love to travel as well, and being here in the states, it would be great to make it to all 50 one day. I'm pretty far from that though 😅

There are so many lovely places what I have visited, but to mention few top ones I would say Bora Bora, South Africa and from Europe I would say skiing in Switzerland :).

Next new countries I think will come from South America where I'm plannig to go next year.

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