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[SURVEY ENDED] Time for a survey — and another chance to snag swag!

Community Manager

We want to hear from you! Everyone who responds to the survey below will be entered into a drawing to win one of two Cisco Meraki baseball caps.*




UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback! We've randomly selected two winners to receive their Meraki hats. Congrats @Kirk_Steinklaub and @John-Wager!


The survey closes on Thursday, July 25th, at 3pm Pacific. Please submit your feedback today!




* Terms, conditions, & eligibility information

Building a reputation

Done - thank you.

Getting noticed

I don't even wear hats and I want this one!


Very Nice the baseball caps. the response the survey I hope can winner 

New here

I can use one is 36 Celsius in the Netherlands. Need something to keep my head cool.😅

Kind of a big deal

Done, as usual @MeredithW  and @CarolineS  you are both doing an outstanding job and continue to make the community an awesome please to be. 

Comes here often


Here to help
Done! By the way, I highly recommend Meraki products and the Meraki Community! If you're reading this and not a Meraki fan, get on the bandwagon!!
Getting noticed


Head in the Cloud

Done, thank you for the chance to get a sweet Meraki hat.

Getting noticed

Thanks. All done. Chrome did NOT like the page but Firefox did!


I have completed the survey, just one note though, the survey was not visible when browsing on my mobile until i selected 'desktop view' in the app settings, this was on a galaxy s10+ using chrome


Where is the feedback link??

The links from email pointing out to this thread.

Just browsing



Done! Hope the best!

Here to help

Done. Looking forward to wear this cap.

Here to help

It's time to start playing baseball Smiley LOL

Comes here often

Submitted! Man Happy

Here to help


Here to help

Very very nice baseball caps. Two combination perfect i loved the both things.

New here



Nice initiave. Good luck to everyone