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[SURVEY CLOSED] Time for a survey — and another chance to snag swag!

Community Manager

UPDATE: We've closed the survey, thanks so much to everyone who shared their feedback! We're very pleased to announce our randomly selected contest winners @Stoutski1 and @Paul_Flack!



We want to hear from you! Everyone who responds to the survey below will be entered into a drawing to win one of two Cisco Meraki magnet sculptures.*





The survey closes on Thursday, October 24th, at 3pm Pacific. Please submit your feedback today!




* Terms, conditions, & eligibility information


@MichelRueger  - "Cisco a Meraki Company"....  LOL.  Good one.  I like the direction Meraki is going and it DOES seem that Cisco is paying attention to a better way

Kind of a big deal


Here to help

Mera ki-ki don't you love me...♫♫♫♫


I love putting magnets on the side of my computer for all to see. 👀


Hope I win!

Comes here often
Done and Done! Need my first of hopefully many Meraki swag items!!
Getting noticed

Done.  The magnet sculpture would look smashing next to my collection of hard drive magnets...