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Top badges for top contributors!

Community Manager

We are pleased to announce even higher levels for our posts, solutions, and kudos badges. These badges are so difficult to achieve that not even our top contributors have earned them yet!


The badges:




You’ll earn this badge after you’ve written a tome’s worth of posts on the community (10,000 that is!)





Once you’ve had 500 of your replies marked as a “solution,” you’ll be awarded this most coveted badge!





After you've received 5,000 kudos from your fellow community members, you will receive this impressive badge - and our deepest thanks for your fantastic contributions!



What if I’ve already done all that?

No one has! We are eagerly keeping our eyes peeled for the first top badge earners 👀 


So...who will be the first!?

Kind of a big deal



Also, the answer to your question... Either 42 or @PhilipDAth .

Kind of a big deal

Challenge accepted!

Kind of a big deal

You need the "Philip" badge and the "I want to be like Philip" badge.

Kind of a big deal

You could also have the "I beat Philip" badge.

Kind of a big deal

Is there an API for our stats? I want to be able to ask my Google Assistant "How many kudos to go?"

Community Manager

Even better than asking Google Assistant - use a Smiirl to display your kudos count ALWAYS: 👍 👍 👍 


I'm not quite API-savvy enough to know if this is possible, and Khoros' API documentation is only available to Khoros customers.... I'll ask around though, if you're serious about the question!



Kind of a big deal

That's a Philip challenge lol. 😂⚠️

Community Manager

@BrechtSchamp - you (and anyone else who is interested) can indeed have access to the Khoros APIs, it turns out! Yay! Go to and sign up. Once you're logged in, you'll have access to the developer documentation here:


I think you'll want the kudos_received field on the users collection, documented here:


Have fun!

Here to help

Way to find out so quickly @CarolineS!