Recognizing May’s Members of the Month

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Check out May's Members of the Month!


The Rising Star

The Rising Star award recognizes our top new contributor. To achieve this award, you must fulfill BOTH of the below criteria:


  • Joined within the past 3 months
  • Written the most posts in that time compared to your fellow new users


This month’s Rising Star award goes to @PacerX. Since joining in March, he has wowed us with his participation and his frequent posts helped him win the April Points Contest GRAND PRIZE. So, when calculating May's Rising Star we were delighted and unsurprised to see him snag that too😊@PacerX has already posted 33 times with helpful and welcoming messages, and received 43 kudos for them!






Glad to have you aboard!


The Unexpected Win

This award allows us to highlight the actions of a member whose recent contributions created a win for everyone involved.


This month, we’re featuring @TheITWay who posted about his Meraki-focused training video series with tips for deploying, configuring, and shooting Meraki products. Check out the post for links to the series!






Thanks, @TheITWay, for sharing your expertise to help out our community!


The Top Four

Here, we congratulate our top four contributors of the month, based on the number of kudos they’ve received and accepted solutions they’ve authored. This month these amazing members provided the community with a total of 27 solutions and received a total of 322 kudos for their efforts.




136 kudos

17 solutions

MOTM score: 170


77 kudos

3 solutions

MOTM score: 83


60 kudos

1 solution

MOTM score: 62


49 kudos

6 solutions

MOTM score: 61  

(MOTM score = kudos received + 2*solutions authored)


Congratulations to all of our stellar contributors

 and thanks to everyone who participated on the community in May!



If you come across a truly helpful thread, or a post that’s teeming with positivity and you’d like to nominate the author for The Unexpected Win, you can submit your nomination here.


Kind of a big deal

Well done team!

Meraki Employee

+1 well done team and congrats to the Members of the Month and thanks for helping to keep the Community awesome!


Kind of a big deal

Congratz all!

Kind of a big deal

Great job y'all and congrats! Keep up that great postings! 🖖

A model citizen

Congratulation to all of you! Keep posting!

Building a reputation

Good job everyone.

Head in the Cloud

Well done all - this is what makes the Community so great. @PhilipDAth helped me last week rattle out one of my random questions. 


Thanks all - this is now becoming part of the joy of using Meraki

Kind of a big deal

Great work everyone! 

Getting noticed

Well this was pleasantly unexpected. Well done everyone and thank you! I am still working out to best integrate that April Prize. 😄

A model citizen

Great job everyone!!!!

Building a reputation

Well done guys,


I am happy to be a member of this community



Kind of a big deal

Well done MERAKI FAM. 

Kind of a big deal

Congrats guys, top notch effort as usual!