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Really? He's gone again? (UPDATE: Found!)

Community Manager

@PhilipDAth found the gnome in record time this morning (helped by a script... clever!!)


After Philip found him, I returned him to my desk. The gnome did seem a bit contrite about all the work he has created for me this week.


But then, on my way back from a meeting, where should I find him but hanging out with the Christmas decorations?!  I must say, our jolly bearded friend does fit in pretty well...




I decided to leave the gnome atop BB-8, since he seemed pretty happy, and clearly he's not the biggest fan of my desk. But, when I returned from lunch, he wasn't with BB-8 or anywhere else around here!


I wonder where he could be hiding this time...


If you find him here on the community, please reply to the post where he's hiding saying “I FOUND THE GNOME!” - the first to reply will get a their own Meraki gnome as a token of our appreciation for finding our small friend!


UPDATE: @Mr_IT_Guy found the gnome here! Thanks!


Terms, conditions, and eligibility info for "Gnome in the Home"

Community Manager

I’ve heard that Gnomes like small dogs...

Kind of a big deal

You guys had better hurry up, otherwise I'll start looking.

Kind of a big deal
Community Manager

@PhilipDAth - Nice! You can't win for a 2nd time this week, but some lucky community member may be able to find the gnome with your very excellent hint Smiley Tongue

A model citizen

@PhilipDAth, I really do try to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep.  I'm not a coffee drinker so i need to make sure I'm rested for my co workers ' sake. 

Kind of a big deal

And to help the others next time; Lithium seems to give @CarolineS gnomes an ID of 1065i3C4BB8CBCCD177B5 or 1116i52D7C042918F1BCB.  There is one other distinctive feature about the gnomes, but I'll save that in case @CarolineS makes it harder.


So to find a Gnome start by trawling the site:

wget -r --reject jpg,png,gif,css,js 

And while it is downloading, search for the ID's:

grep -lR 1065i3C4BB8CBCCD177B5 

grep -lR 1116i52D7C042918F1BCB 


It seems to take about 10 minutes when I do it. 

Community Manager

@PhilipDAth, tomorrow I have a feeling the gnome will be good as new! 

Getting noticed



I Hope i am not to late :-)

The Gnome is on the Post with the Small Dog in the Meraki Sock. You should give him a Meraki Skateboard so he can have a lot of fun :-) 

Community Manager

@MichelRueger - @Mr_IT_Guy already found him! But stay tuned, I think the gnome may hide in the community again tomorrow (Thurs; I'm in Pacific time) ...


Good idea to give Maui a Meraki skateboard... I wonder if his owner @Mr_IT_Guy would approve :-)

A model citizen

@CarolineS, if you have one around, I'd approve Smiley Happy

Community Manager

@Mr_IT_Guy - I don't have one on hand, but, as proven this week by my expert gnome-finding skills, I may be able to dig one up Cat Very Happy <-- I wish we had chihuahua emojis instead of just kitty ones!

A model citizen

@CarolineS OMG! I just got to the office. The skateboard is amazing! I'll make sure to get some photos tonight!