Look where the gnome has been... but where is he now? (UPDATE: Found!)

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UPDATE 10:30am PST (Dec 14): @Welles found the gnome! Thanks, @Welles! He was here.




Wow. The gnome has been spotted ALL OVER the office this week! The pictures speak for themselves...



He was even caught on security camera (the MV, of course) hitching a ride on an old MS:




I've become quite good at finding him around the office, as you can see. But... well, I can't find him.


He does seem awfully fond of the community these days. Perhaps he's somewhere around here?


If you find him here on the community, please reply to the post where he's hiding saying “I FOUND THE GNOME!” - the first to reply will get a their own Meraki gnome as a token of our appreciation for finding our small friend! 



Terms, conditions, and eligibility info for "Gnome in the Home"


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