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[CONTEST CLOSED] Ahoy! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Community Manager



UPDATEThis contest has ended! Thanks to all ye who entered - your pirate🦜 posts have been thoroughly entertaining. Stayed to for your pirate badges! Lastly, congrats to our three randomly selected winners: @arekdreyer, @SoCalRacer, and @Wazz.



🎵It’s the most wonderful time of the yarrrrr! 🎵


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day me maties!  🏴☠️


To celebrate this very special day, we want you LAN-lubbers to describe a specific Cisco Meraki product (MS, MX, MV, etc.) in pirate-speak (the M-ARR anyone!?).


Give your Meraki product description in your most pirate-iest words in a comment on this post before 10:59am PDT September 24th and be entered to win. Comments will be public throughout the contest. Feel free to pepper in pirate terms (scurvy?), swap your You/Yours with Ye/Yers, and add ARRRG to absolutely everything. Once the contest ends, we’ll then select three winners at random to win their very own gnome-pirate!






So shiver me timbers and yohoho ya old seadog! Hobble on over with yer peg-legs and swab the poop-deck! Thar be treasure awaitin’!


Ye ol’ terms & conditions

  • Limit one entry per community member.
  • Submission period: Thursday, September 19th, 2019 at 11am PDT through Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 at 10:59am PDT
  • Prize will be a selection of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD 50.00
  • Official terms, conditions, and eligibility information

Avast ye, im no old salt, but id like to tell you the tale of the finest booty in davy jone's locker. This aint no hornswaggle, Im talkin about... the dashboard. Some men say even collecting all the loot in the world would not satisfy you until you have the dashboard. I once had in my possession a whole fleet of MX68s. Every time I got a new treasure id just be three sheets in the wind. But yarrr, let me tell you i never was complete until I saw it.... the dashboard...


The M-ARR access points be the best ting to fix a signal down to Dave’s Jones Locker! 

Getting noticed

Ahoy me bucko! Enterprise-crew performance, managed from th' cloud fer faster deployment, simplified administration, 'n richer visibility fer ye.

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Arrrrrgh! Ahoy LANlubbers! Ye best be protecting your patch of LAN with a mighty treasure of protection. Avast mateys - no more malware, no more intrusions and ye don't need your cutlass or canon. We be using the MX-series of Meraki Routers to protect our lair from now on. Best of all, we don't need to capture it on the high seas, but rather we hornswaggle it from our local Meraki Partner. It's like rigging new sails on our Jolly Roger Ship when the high-performance difference of the MX-Series is deployed. Best of all, when we need to sneak-up on the bloody enemy, we use the built-in VPN to shroud and protect ourselves - better than hiding in a a fog or blow - I swear to all you scallywags. Best of all, if for some reason it should take a hit and sink during the license period, Meraki will commission us a new one - better than booty! Shiver me timbers - what a great day for a Yo Ho Ho when we deploy an MX! Arrgh!
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YO-HO! I be Broadband Beard, da Pirate Captain 'ere! Da MPLS Sea be filled wit Meraki Gold and riches aplenty! But beware, ye silly sea-lads, the consequences be grave when da highwaymen come for they share. So pull up a chair, and listen by shanty: Broadband Beard has ye covered when da hands outstretched ye see! 

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Ye ol' Meraki MS help yer network avoid that dastardly scurvy going around and me new MR on board stops ar foes from commandeering us into the abyss. There be treasure if ye put your peeper on the MV in that there crowsnest!  


Arr ye techie seadogs! Behold, the MX, greatest of me treasures. It battens the hatches from them rabid scallywags and spirits of mal-intent like a man-o-war! Yer feedin’ the fish without one. Arr! And ye can run the rig from any of the seven seaaas.


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Ahoy ye net scallywags. Captain Jony o' th' good hunter here. Lets natter about guardin' yer loot. First 'n foremost, ye 'ave t' know if th' sons o' guns are in yer galleon t' begin wit'. How about whether or nah they be nigh yer loot? A pair o' MVs will fix that right up. Pair that wit' a couple o' them Mer'ki M-ARRRs 'n ye 'ave all th' wee details ye needs t' make th' decision on where t' put yer valuables. Now s'cuse me while I go get drunk on me insights.

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🎶 Th' admin 'n his scallywags

Stole th' MS from its cot

'n bound it in another rack

Th' seas be ours

'n by th' powers

Where we shall, we'll browse


Meraki Go, all together

Hoist th' MX high

Heave ho, MV'es 'n M-ARRs

Ne'er shall endpoints die 🎶

Meraki Employee

Smiley Very Happy This thread be ARRRRRRRSOME!

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Ahoy! Why are pirates Meraki savvy?
  -They attended the webinAAAARRRRR!!!

Kind of a big deal

“Not all QoS is silver and gold, mate.”

-Captain Jack Sparrow

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Avast all marauders wit' 'n protect ye booty wit' th' finest treasures offered by Meraki. Protect yer WiFi connection wit' th' finest APs on th' market.  Ensure that yer domain ships don't collide wit' a top o' th' line MX router. Sail into multiple secure ports wit' a MS switch.  Come sail wit' Meraki in th' shiny network seas!

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Ahoy there Meraaarrrrrrrki scallywags! Ye will be the cap'n of yer network when ye plug in yer new Meraaarrrrrrrki MX gear. It tis the Jolly Rodger of yer SO/HO ho environment with no arrrrrrrgument. Swab the racks of inconvenient locally managed firewalls. It will register to the Meraaarrrrrrrki cloud ye can mange it with ease. Make hackaaaaarrrss walk the plank when they try to invade yer network and come face to face with yer Meraaarrrrrrrki MX cloud managed firewall.

New here

Avast be hearties!


Aye do be hoping, ye be battering down yer hatches, on ye WiFi. So no scurvy land lubbers or scallywags, can becoming abourd unwelcome like. Or ye be needing a keel hauling, says aye. 


Gyar!! Somebody spoofed me SSID...How can we mitigate te bad booty? Check the Air MARRRSHAL for land lubbers! Ahoy Everyone!

Comes here often

Ahoy mateys!


Awast! Alert the powder monkey and everybody; what the new pirate code, it´s obtain all Meraki Booty. The old salt said me, it´s the best dashboard for networking. This is a treasure….Arrgh!, See Ya Chum!

Just browsing

Ahoy! it been many days ago when I first saw it. A sight that there 'ad not been spied before. Ports o' poe an' built in wireless. It 'ad everythin' a man needed to make 'is ship the best connected one in the fleet. Sd-wan capabilities so it been the fastest. Built to be secure an' fight o' any enemies. The mx67w been the treasure the seven seas been waitin' fer fore'er. An' it been all mine. The map to find a treasure fer yer own be at

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Wrap your head around the new MV32 with V-Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Featurin' in browser dewarp 'n an immersive viewin' experience, th' new MV32 makes watchin' video fun again. Prefer t' watch less video? Motion Recap makes that a reality wit' composite images, built in camera, that summarize activity in a single thumbnail. Roundin' out th' new features be Motion Search 2.0, offerin' all o' th' benefits o' th' original wit' improved fidelity fer wee changes, 'n enhanced performance at night.


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Whats a pirates favourite Meraki appliance?

- The new MR32 with V...RRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!