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New community features: Category subscriptions, new notification settings

Community Manager

We’re pleased to announce some updates to our community platform that will help you manage the notifications you receive from the Meraki Community. 


  • Category subscriptions — Subscribe to many boards at once!
  • Updates to notification settings — More options for managing the notifications you receive


Category subscriptions

Previously, you could subscribe to email notifications one board at a time (e.g. Switching, Security / SD-WAN, etc). Now you can subscribe to an entire category (e.g. Product & Technology Discussions), and easily select the boards you’re interested in.


Create a category subscription

To subscribe for email updates for an entire category, go to the category page (Product & Technology Discussions or About the Community are two examples of categories). Then, select Options > Subscribe:2019-07-categorySubscriptions1.pngSubscribing to a Category


A dialog will appear, in which you can select the specific boards that you wish to subscribe to:2019-07-categorySubscriptions2.pngSelecting specific boards


Select your favorite boards and click Save.


Edit a category subscription

You can edit your category subscription from the category itself, or from your notification settings page.


To edit from the category page, simply select Options > Edit Subscription:2019-07-categorySubscriptions3.png


To edit from your notification settings, go to your name in the upper-right corner of the page to open the drop-down menu, and then select My Subscriptions. You’ll see a list of all of your subscriptions, including category subscriptions. Click the pencil icon to edit your selected boards or unsubscribe.2019-07-categorySubscriptions4.pngEdit your category subscription


Updates to notification settings

There are now a few new notification settings to give you more control over which email and real-time notifications you receive.


New notification settings include:

  • Turn off all email notifications: When selected, no email notifications are sent to you. Notifications still appear in the Notification Feed.
  • Turn off all real-time pop-up notifications: When selected, no real-time pop-up messages (those little messages that appear on the bottom-right of the community) are sent to you. Notifications still appear in the Notification Feed.
  • Turn off all mobile notifications: This setting is not relevant to the Meraki Community, as we have not built any custom mobile apps or integrations (maybe someday!). 


To set your notification options:

  1. Sign in to the community.
  2. Click your name in the upper-right of the screen to open the drop-down menu
  3. Click My subscriptions:2019-07-notifications1.png
  4. Navigate to the Notification Settings tab. Here you will see the new options:2019-07-notifications2.pngNotification settings screen


We hope you find these new options useful in managing the emails & pop-up notifications you receive from the Meraki Community.

Kind of a big deal

Cool! I also noticed you can now notify others when you edit a post. Neat!

Head in the Cloud

Oh nice re: the editing. I am that person who hits post and realizes promptly that they've left off an entire chunk of sentence or step of troubleshoot.

Community Manager

Erm, @Nash  & @BrechtSchamp - the "notify others when you edit a post" was actually an accidental permissions change! Whoops! Great to know you like the change though.... maybe I'll make it an All-Star perk 🙂

Head in the Cloud

If we're not supposed to have it, then we're not supposed to have it. 🙂 

Building a reputation
Wow, that‘s great news indeed!
Kind of a big deal

Woopsie @CarolineS 


Arr, ye did it wrong lasse. Deck scrubbin for you t'day.

Community Manager

I'm super glad you mentioned it, @BrechtSchamp! That permission has now been rescinded... I think :-).

Community Manager

@BrechtSchamp Blimey! Me hands er raw aft much deck scrubbin', but I reckon those permissions o' yers are back t' th' settin's where they best be. Ya ha!

Kind of a big deal

@CarolineS 👌