Announcing the March 2018 Members of the Month

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March is over (how'd that happen?!), which means it's Members of the Month (MOTM) shout-out time!


March 2018 Meraki Community Members of the Month


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For the 7th straight month, @PhilipDAth leads the pack - congratulations, Philip!


Congratulations also to @Adam@MRCUR, and @Uberseehandel for repeated MOTM appearances! Read below to learn more about MRCUR, our featured member this month.


Your MOTM profile badges will appear shortly, as will this month's swag!



Q&A with MRCUR

One of MRCUR's deployed MX450s (trivia piece: It's a pre-production unit!)One of MRCUR's deployed MX450s (trivia piece: It's a pre-production unit!)

MRCUR has been a member of the Meraki Community since our beta days back in August 2017 (here's his first post!). He has been an active contributor ever since, as shown by his 424 posts, 170 kudos, and 17 solutions.


MRCUR is also the proud holder of CMNO certification #12, so clearly he enjoys being an early adopter. 😀


I had a few questions for him:


Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience with Meraki.

I work for a small IT consulting firm in Southeastern PA that specializes in K-12 EDU work. All of the districts we support are Meraki customers, which makes my job much easier. Being able to use the same management UI across the products is great. We actively support MR, MX, MS, SM and MV networks. I hosted an MV webinar recently: 


What are some of the unique challenges managing your clients' networks?

Schools are the targets of malware campaigns quite often unfortunately, so implementing MX Advanced Security with AMP & IDS has been really helpful. This is another very advanced feature that Meraki makes simple for me to implement & maintain.


Any particular Meraki product / feature that you're particularly fond of or couldn't live without?

Remote packet capture! This feature is a lifesaver. No more dragging a laptop into network closets, setting up a port mirror on the switch and capturing the traffic. It's awesome that this feature is built into all of the Meraki product lines. I think wireless health is going to quickly become my #2 favorite troubleshooting feature soon!


How does the community help you in your day-to-day work?

The Meraki Community is a fantastic place to find other Meraki admins and discuss how they solve problems. I'm a big fan of not reinventing the wheel for every problem, so the Community has been incredibly helpful in discussing problems with others and seeing how they've solved them previously. It's also been fantastic to see the level of participation from Meraki employees all across the company, including my own SE @MerakiDave.



Thanks, @MRCUR!


As always, thanks to EVERYONE who participated in the community last month (and to all the lurkers too!)!



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