Community update: Improved thread page layout, nicer-looking signatures

Community Manager

Ya'll! Two small changes that hopefully make you smile (and that make the content a bit easier to scan):


(1) Thread page layout adjustments

In response to the feedback from our last round of community front-end tweaks, we've just adjusted the layout on thread pages:

(a) Tags now appear below the content instead of to the right

(b) Less padding around the right column (Related content / Community News) 







(2) Signature styling

To further help distinguish signatures from content, they now use a small dark-grey font by default. Additionally, any images you include in your signature will show up inline (instead of as a display:block element on the next line). My signature - including the twitter icon - is now created without any additional styling.






Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki |  <img src="" ><a href="" target="_blank">@merakicaroline</a><br><i>New to the community? <a href="">Get started here</a></i>



I'm really happy with these little adjustments; let us know what you think!


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