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Announcing the August 2018 MOTMs — Congratulations!

Community Manager

HE DID IT! Huge congratulations to @PhilipDAth for achieving his goal of TWELVE months in a row as our top Member of the Month. Philip, from everyone here on the Meraki Community — thank you for your tireless efforts and excellent advice.


This month, we're also celebrating @Adam's seventh consecutive MOTM and @jdsilva's third! I'd love to see a picture of all of your Meraki swag collections.


Finally — we welcome a new MOTM, @BlakeRichardson. Blake has been been a member since last year, but he has really stepped up his contributions over the past couple of months. As a New Zealander, was one of the very first to celebrate our birthday. Thanks, Blake!


August 2018 Meraki Community Members of the Month


125 kudos

12 solutions

MOTM score: 159


69 kudos

7 solutions

MOTM score: 83


65 kudos

4 solutions

MOTM score: 73


34 kudos

3 solutions

MOTM score: 40

(MOTM score = kudos received + 2*solutions authored)


Swag will be in the mail shortly!   


As always, thank you to everyone who participated in August!


Kind of a big deal

Phew.  What an effort that was.  🙂

Head in the Cloud

Congratulations Philip.

Kind of a big deal

The community keeps getting busier.  Getting tough to keep up with all the new comments. 

Kind of a big deal

Well done @PhilipDAth! That's a crazy effort on your part. 

Kind of a big deal

Well done everyone!

Kind of a big deal

Well done to you too @BlakeRichardson. Welcome to the club!

Kind of a big deal

Just in case everyone didn't spot this - half of the MOTM's come from New Zealand.  We are a Meraki powerhouse!

Community Manager

@PhilipDAth - and 3 of the 17 individual MOTMs from the past year are from New Zealand (Hey, @WANKiller!). You kiwis are killing it!

Kind of a big deal

Us Kiwis know quality when we see it Smiley Tongue 


Thanks @jdsilva glad to be here.

Kind of a big deal




returned last night from hospital - 5 months of cardiac surgery and rehab. (still not complete), to fins a gift from you guys waiting for me - my year 1 Members' Badge ii a mountain of mail. Alas somebody helped themselves to my new cc and PIN.

Many thanks, I won't be around much for a few months, as I it will take me some time to get to grips with everything. (email not up yet)



Community Manager

Welcome back, @Uberseehandel! Glad you got our little gift in the mail. All the best for a speedy recovery!!

Kind of a big deal




Oooh! Snazzy new bottles this month. Thanks @CarolineS !   @

Community Manager

@jdsilva love the extra Meraki swag subtly included in the background 🙂

Kind of a big deal

Using mine this morning for some coffee 🙂


Kind of a big deal

Mr FedEx seems to have been a bit slower getting to my office.  Maybe he's getting tired of doing deliveries.



Kind of a big deal

Jelly of that fridge! 

Kind of a big deal

I forgot about that flower shirt lol. 

Kind of a big deal

IMG_0819 right.jpgMine just arrived, ignore the Apple bottle trying to peak through. Thanks again everyone!