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And one more badge! Congratulations to Maui, our MVC (Most Valuable Canine)

Community Manager


We have one final badge to award in celebration of our first birthday.... the Most Valuable Canine award!


Congratulations to @Maui_Meraki_Dog for being our Year 1 MVC and always entertaining us with his outfits and antics. And thanks to @Mr_IT_Guy for sharing him with all of us.


image image.png image.png


OMG! Thanks Ms. @CarolineS! Daddy brought home some of the cool stuff you sent the other day and I was sad when he told me it wasn't a fancy sweater. BUT he did say I was getting a new hoodie this fall. Maybe he share some pictures when I get it! Thank you for being so nice to my daddy and all the other community members. It was fun seeing the other Meraki furry friends too! 

A model citizen

Thanks for the shout out @CarolineS. If anything, the thanks should go to @NFL0NR and my boss for the idea to share the photos in the first place. It's been really fun taking pictures with @Maui_Meraki_Dog and all the Meraki swag, though I have to say my wife is the one responsible for the majority of the fashion shoots. 

Community Manager

Well, thanks to @NFL0NR and your boss and your wife! Takes a village :-)