Re: New Release of Meraki vmx

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Re: New Release of Meraki vmx

Hi Guys,


I understood Meraki announced new release of Meraki vmx today. Please anyone with a link to the announcement; I need some details on the new product.


Thank you

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Kind of a big deal

I'm not sure there has been an official announcement or not.  This may help:


Small is up to 200Mbps, with up to 50 tunnels.

Medium is up to 500Mbps, with up to 250 tunnels (so essentially what was the vMX100)

Large is up to 1Gbps, with up to 1,000 tunnels.

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Thanks for the response. Though,  I have not seen the announcement as well but hoping it comes out soon.


Thanks for the link

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi @adten , nothing has been announced as yet. Meraki MX Family datasheets still only show the vmx100.  Link provided by @BrandonS does show a brief discussion about sizing of the vmxs, vmxm and vmxl 

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Hi Common


Many thanks for the heads up.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@ConnorL I see that the large vMX only supports AWS and Alibaba, is that correct?



  • AWS
  • Alibaba Cloud


Secondly is there a guide to what resources are needed in Azure for a small vMX vs a medium vMX?


Here to help

Yes correct, the large supports only AWS and Alibaba Cloud. As for Azure requirement for vmx small, perhaps more details will emerge in coming days. 

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