Sign on splash with Meraki Cloud Authentication option - user limit?

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Sign on splash with Meraki Cloud Authentication option - user limit?

We need to authenticate many users via an external captive portal, but without RADIUS/LDAP etc, so using Meraki Cloud Authentication:





Is there a limit, on how many devices we can have authenticate against a pre-configured Meraki guest user (configured in Network > Users like so). We have enabled the "Allow simultaneous logins" option, but nowhere is a limit mentioned.








We don't need to know, nor care about the user's username (we've already validated them during the captive portal phase), we're merely using this pre-configured username/password in order to authenticate them at the end of the captive portal journey and get them online. The network could have upwards of 10,000 users per day using this username/password. (The user never knows about this user/pass, its all done from our server side via the login_url as part of the normal external captive portal flow).


We can't use the splash with "click through" as we're authenticating the user from the server side API call (once they hit our external captive portal etc), not from the users browser by way of redirects, and click through relies on the p_splash_session cookie which the external server does not have access to as it's set on the URL initially.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Theoretically when you enable this option there is no limit unless you impose the limit.

I am not a Cisco Meraki employee. My suggestions are based on documentation of Meraki best practices and day-to-day experience.

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