Searching for poe converter

Kind of a big deal

Searching for poe converter

Hi all,


i am searching for a poe converter to get a MR74 online.


MS225 - fiber port -> to rj45 fibre poe converter (there will be only one powersocket) where I can connect my MR to get it online


MS225 rj45 port -> to fiber converter -> fiber converter to rj45 (poe - only one power socket) -> MR


Has anyone build something like this and can recommend a device?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi @MarcP ,


is this what you're after?  Would be RJ45 to RJ45 poe injector.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@MarcP I think you want one of these:


EM-GTP-805A_V2.1.pdf (


They are available in the UK , but not sure where you are.


There are also other options made by them listed here:


PoE Media Converter - PLANET Technology

Kind of a big deal

Yes @cmr this is what I mean. Found a couple already, but not sure about if they are working good.


So, do you already have some in use and can recommend them?


We´ll need to place them into a stake in a couple of meters height (safe not to get wet or something 😉 ). -20°C to +40°C is possible

I use this one on my MR74,84,86 APS.  work great.  don't get too warm.  not too large




Kind of a big deal

Some thing like these? Media converter with PoE? Can’t say I’ve ever used one, but should be the answer.

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