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Needed Antenna

Meraki needs an antenna like the AIR-ANT2566P4W-R=, which is the best antenna for deployment between racks in warehouse/distribution centers. Nothing they offer has the same RF pattern. The closest they come to is a square directional antenna, MA-ANT-3-F5/6, which is sub-par for the use-case. Seeing as this is a Cisco antenna, at the very least Meraki should certify it for use with the MR4E/52E. I have a customer who is itching to switch over to Meraki in all their global distribution centers, but the only solution I can come up with to meet their needs would require them using the P4W, even as unsupported.

Directional Antenna Comparison.PNG

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Kind of a big deal

100% agree there is room for improvement with their antenna selection.

I personally have found the best antenna for aisles in warehouses to be the following, which I am using with the MR74:

It comes in different flavors (connectors) if your not using the MR74 for example.

Here is a blog post from an associate of mine, using the same antenna:
Nolan Herring |

Wish that AccelTex came in a rectangle, but your survey actually shows great coverage. I am honestly surprised at how well it is staying in it is lane for being square shaped! Thanks for the tip on it. AccelTex is buying me lunch next week, so maybe this is kismet. Ha-ha.

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