Free guest wifi with vouchers

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Free guest wifi with vouchers

Hey everyone,


I would like to create a guest wifi which can be accessed by using a free voucher. The voucher has to be limited to a specific amount of time (e.g. two days). The user should connect the device to a non-encrypted wifi displaying a splash screen. There should be no possibility to buy an access code - only the predefined ones should work.


I have set up Meraki with these settings:


Access control / Network access /

  • Association requirements: open (no encryption)
  • Splash page: Billing (paid access)


Access control / Billing plans /

  • Free access: disabled
  • Prepaid access: use fast prepaid login page


Splash page / Splash behavior / Splash frequency: Every day



I can create prepaid cards but they have to be setup with a balance. How do I create a guest wifi like mentioned above without using any balance (I did not set up any pricing/billing plans).




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Kind of a big deal

Honestly not sure as I've never done this type of setup.


However, this link here seems to suggest how to set it up for free access for specific clients.


I got the following results just testing the face value at 0





Something that may or may not assist you with what your trying to do, is something I've seen others link in the past.



Nolan Herring |

Lack of this feature pushed me to Ruckus for WiFi, they have it built-in. The rest of my network is 100% Meraki.

As soon as Meraki will implement voucher guest access without paying third-party - I am on-board!

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