MR and Umbrella Integration available in beta!

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)

MR and Umbrella Integration available in beta!


Hello Meraki Community, 


Yesterday, we announced the launch of Cisco Umbrella policies within the Meraki dashboard. This integration allows users to apply Umbrella policies to Meraki MR networks, either on a per-SSID basis, or through group policies. You can read the blog post here, or for more technical detail, check out the documentation.


We hope that this is a great example of incorporating other Cisco technologies to bring more functionality to customers in an easy and intuitive way, but we would also love to hear what you think. Do you already use Umbrella today? Is this something that you're excited to try out? Please let us know below!


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Kind of a big deal

I'm an Umbrella client as well so I'm excited to look into this.  I was hoping the integration would basically take the place of the current Meraki content filtering.  The only major benefit I'm seeing to this API based integration is the ability to map groups etc.  I'm going to try experimenting with it to see how it goes.  Either way, it is a step in the right direction. 

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Building a reputation

Same here, as Umbrella customer, looking forward to test it out.



Unfortunately seems a difficult process to try this out !


support : 



Thank you for your reply.

l have double checked this internally and as the next step, we need to get approval first from our developer team in order for this feature to be activated.
I will let you know once l hear back from them or they will reach you directly.

If we get approval, what is the best time for the upgrade to be pushed to your network ?


So I have to wait next week to try this out , I will let you know 🙂


Thank you folks 🙂

Kind of a big deal

@Adam You can use this in place of the NAT mode content filtering. Another big benefit is the AP's enforcing the DNS traffic going to Umbrella and encrypting that traffic. Even if someone configures alternate DNS servers locally, it won't matter as the AP is going to send it all to Umbrella. 

A model citizen

Do you need to request the Beta firmware? 


Blogpost on August 15, 2018


There is no additional cost or charge for taking advantage of this integration (which is available to all Meraki wireless customers who have upgraded to our latest MR26.x firmware), but Meraki wireless customers who wish to integrate with Umbrella will need a separate Umbrella license and account with that service.


Dashboard firmware => Stable release  25.12 - No beta available ?? 

A bit confused here.. 





Kind of a big deal

@Ben See here:


"Please contact Meraki Support to have this feature enabled."

A model citizen

Oh... I only read the blogpost. 😃 

Here to help

Feels bit odd to me that Meraki wrote a blogpost about this with the words "Meraki APs now integrate with Umbrella".


The 'now' part is the one that gets me.


Still 15 days later its a feature you have to manually request from support. And even after that it requires you to run beta firmware at your production network. I would rather call it "soon available" or clearly state that it is still in beta. Like the header of this thread. 


Nevertheless looking forwards to this.

Building a reputation

@Simo-s_h, I was surprise as well , and I discover afterwards that the firmware on AP has been changed with Beta version .

So fare no complain about this beta version 



New here

I'd like to take advantage of the integration as we are an existing Umbrella customer. I'm leery of running beta firmware on our MR's. What problems, if any, have customers experienced with the beta firmware? This thread seems rather old yet the firmware is still in beta. When will it be generally available?



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