MA-ANT-23 - Water/Weather Proof ???

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MA-ANT-23 - Water/Weather Proof ???

Hi Fellow Merakains,


Just a quick questions and confirmation, Looking at the MA-ANT-23 with a MR76 for outdoor usage, I know the MR76 has an IP Rated casing but when looking at the MA-ANT-23 data sheet there is no mention of an IP Rating and it is it actually weather and waterproof.  I assume that it is as the MR76 is and the ANT-23 are designed for the MR76, There is nothing on the datasheet apart from Temp Range.   Just me being cautious and double checking.   Can somebody advise or point me to a Meraki docuement that has something about the water/weather proofing


Many thanks

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Here you go:


What are the Models of Outdoor Antennas?

MA-ANT-20 Meraki 4dBi/7dBi Dual-Band Omni Antennas, set of 2

MA-ANT-21 Meraki 5 GHz MIMO 13 dBi Sector Antenna

MA-ANT-23 Meraki 2.4 GHz MIMO 11dBi Sector Antenna

MA-ANT-25 Meraki Dual-Band 8dBi/6.5dBi Patch Antenna, set of 2 (if using with 4x4:4 APs)

MA-ANT-27 Meraki Dual-Band 9dBi/12dBi Sector Antenna, set of 2 (if using with 4x4:4 APs)

AIR-ANT2513P4M-N Cisco Aironet Four-Port Dual-Band Polarization-Diverse Array Antenna (Stadiums)

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