How to setup different names on AP's at different locations

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How to setup different names on AP's at different locations

Have multiple AP's deployed at different states. Is there a way to setup different SSID's for each of those AP's at those sites? Currently each AP just has the same SSID no matter what state they are located in.



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Do you have a Network for each Location?
A quick way to solve that is to add Networks, for instance, select the Organization, click in Network, select "add network", name it; define which type; clone the config from a already running Network and them fine tune the SSIDs that you want.

I have a customer that has 25 different sites, most of the sites with one or two unique SSIDs.


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As @VascoFCosta said, you should create a network per physical location. Since you don't want the same config in each location, you can then manually configure the SSID and settings for each network. 


If you do in the future want to unify the configuration, you can use a template and bind it to all the networks and then the config will be uniform across the sites. This is probably the most common deployment type since typically people are looking to unify management across sites. 


so each location should have it's own network, which I saw but wanted to double check.

Yes correct give each location their own network, its gives your much more flexibility.

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Another way is follow the below link..


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