DFS bands

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DFS bands


On an idle network ( early mornings).  Some users say the WIFI is slow.

We are 1 freeway exit away from an airport.


One users says it seems slow when he is on a DFS band


What is the other wifi managers  experience to disable DFS band selection?

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

My experience is within Europe, but I'm pretty sure that the US mandates the implementation of DFS on a range of 5 GHz channels, too.   If compliant APs (including Meraki MR) hear radar - or something 'in the air' that looks like radar, while running on one of those channels - they have to immediately change channels and will add a DFS event to the event log.   I'd be very surprised if you are being impacted by airport radar, without this manifesting as many DFS events and the majority of your APs ending up on non-DFS channels.


Your experience if configuring your APs to non-DFS only is likely to depend heavily on how busy your RF environment is, generally.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

There should be dfs events in the event log.


If its the same dfs channel every time then you could disable that one

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