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Clim device

I have take one meraki MR33 AP as gift from my company service provider and once i try to setup it and put the serial number its says its already in use ..: what i can do to claim My AP device.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If they dont manage it for you...


Call you SP and ask them to unclaim it, because its currently claimed by someone else.


Additional you would also need a license to use it after you claim it.


Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hello there,


That message generally displays when the device is already part of a network or was recently unclaimed.


Due to privacy and security concerns, Cisco Meraki support cannot assist in moving devices that have already been claimed.


In order to add the device to your network, you will need to contact the original owner of the device, and have them follow the instructions in our documentation to remove the device from their network. Once that has been done, after a brief wait (around 15 minutes), the device should be claimable again.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

🤣 excellent. Here’s a gift you can’t use.


As stated above, the previous owner needs to unclaim it from their dashboard.


Did they also gift a license?

Darren OConnor |

I'm not an employee of Cisco/Meraki. My posts are based on Meraki best practice and what has worked for me in the field.

Well yes it’s coming brand new in the box, the license is the same serial or different??

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@MoAhLaWy with Meraki you need the hardware and a license (which also gives you support and warranty).  You can buy 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 year licenses.

Just to ensure the correct expectations are set.

Warranties are non-transferable between parties, even if a cloud license is purchased, so in the future, if anyone besides the original customer who purchased the device tries to RMA this device it will be flagged by the returns team.



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