We have problem in certificate authentication with ise MR33 27.7.1

Here to help

We have problem in certificate authentication with ise MR33 27.7.1

Hello All,


We have an important problem. At our branches using Cisco Meraki, we get 30% unsuccessful certificate authentication results. When we look at the logs in Cisco ISE, we get an error as "5440 Endpoint abandoned EAP session and started new ( Step latency=5354 ms)". Anyone encounter this issue? I need your support for its solution.


AP Model: MR33

Version: 27.7.1


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Kind of a big deal

The certificate authentication itself is done between the end point and the RADIUS server.  The access point just proxies this part of the request.


Have you checked the endpoint logs for errors?

We checked the logs and opened a case on the ISE side. 

Getting noticed

MR33, 28.7.1, macOS, iOS and iPadOS with certificates and ISE and works fine. Once, I had the same issue and restarting the mac helped. Never had issue with iOS/iPadOS.

We are having a problem with Windows clients. We do not think that the problem is caused by the client.

Here to help

We updated the APs to version 28.7.1. We are still having problems.

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