Warehouse deployment MR52 or MR74

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Warehouse deployment MR52 or MR74

Firstly this is for budgeting and initial planning...


Customer has a new 100k sq/f warehouse about 300x300 floor plan. Ceiling in spots is 20-30ft, mainly storage facility. This is not quite built yet, so i cant do site survey. Need wireless for barcode scanners/phones.



Been some discussion on using MR 74's with the omni's below was the original bom......

14 x MR74-HW

28 x MA-ANT-20


I ended up shooting for about 23x MR52's



Looking for community advise for warehouse deployments... open to suggestions....





Kind of a big deal

I would probably look at the MR53 rather than the MR52.


In particular take a look at the MR53E.  It allows external antennas.  If you are roof mounting at 25ft considering an antenna like this:


If you are going above 25ft you could also consider:



Both of these antennas direct the majority of their RF energy downwards rather than wasting energy sending it up and sideways.

@MattPainter  Given its a storage facility and they require barcode scanners as you mentioned I am assuming that it will be filled with rows to tiered shelving and not just a big open space?


If there are rows of shelving then yes you would need a few AP's if its open plan you could get away with less. Also with most warehouses being made of sheet metal the signal is going to bounce around like crazy inside so fine tuning the radios power is going to be required. 


Good luck and hope it all goes well. 

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