Using MR33 to access a wireless network


Using MR33 to access a wireless network

Hey all. New to this stuff. I just got an AP because I was told I can use it to access a wireless network and then have other devices connect to the AP. Is this true? I cannot figure out how to get it to see my wireless network. Can the AP only connect through Ethernet? TIA

Kind of a big deal

It can bridge/mesh as long as it has power.  

Some sources:

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Thanks for the links. As far as I can tell, though, that does not help me connect the AP to a wireless network which is the gateway I need to use to connect to the Web. I have nothing to connect an ethernet cable to. Do I need to now also get a bridging router that will connect to my wireless access point and then connect the AP to the router via ethernet? TIA

I think you might be asking if the wireless AP itself can be a wireless client, which it cannot, it's definitely an access point, not a client.  If there's another Meraki AP in the same wireless network, they can auto-mesh and then you have have other wireless clients connect to your (mesh) AP which would then have a wireless mesh backhaul to the other (gateway) AP.  So the AP itself doesn't require a wired Ethernet connection (although that would be preferable) as it can mesh to another AP via wireless, but it cannot act as a wireless client and then extend that connection to other wireless clients.  What is it you were trying to accomplish, for what kind of connectivity?

Yes, that is what I need it to do and was told it could do that. I travel full time, spending weeks to months in an area before moving on. I mostly use my iPhone on Verizon for access, but sometimes also use whatever WiFi is available. I wanted to set up a LAN using the Miraki as the gateway to my internet access. That way whenever I moved I would just have to set up the Meraki (if I was using a new WiFi connection) and not have to set up every device every time. I guess it can't do what I was told it could.

Meraki has a Line called "Teleworker gateway's",  Z1 or the Z3 appliance - Maybe this is more what you are after? It has a USB port to support a cellular dongle which you use to provide Internet via LTE. It's got 4 switch ports and also acts as an AP supplying wireless connectivity.



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I think I see what you're saying but even if the Meraki AP had that ability and you didn't need to configure your client to connect to the AP in each new place, you'd still be stuck configuring the Meraki AP (as a client) in every new place.  @MilesMeraki is correct, you should really be looking at a Z3 with a 3G/4G cellular USB dongle for that kind of use case.  I am on the road sometimes for customer meetings and use that exact setup.  As long as you've got cellular coverage, it's effortless.  There is of course the cost of a USB stick and monthly service for the cellular dongle, I suppose that would be the trade-off for the convenience.  See this link for more info.  In your case, it would be primary connectivity, not "failover" but this all still applies and shows you the supported modems.

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