Regarding IPv6 auto

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Regarding IPv6 auto

There are multiple AP's deployed in my environment and using Ip v4 addressing. we are not using IPv6 as of now but there is one AP which has taken Ipv6 address and it is in auto mode. Can we disable auto mode as I don't want this AP to obtain v6 address.




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What version of firmware are your access points using?


Also, is that access point on the same VLAN as the others?  I ask because fec0::/10 is a deprecated site local address, and there might be a router on that VLAN advertising that subnet.



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@ranjankumarsgh, there are only two settings for IPv6 on the MR, that’s auto and static - assuming you are using a firmware version that supports IPv6 (which you obviously are). And I’m not aware of a way of disabling it, but it shouldn’t cause you any problems.


When an access point comes up it will create a link local IPv6, check for uniqueness, and then send a router solicitation to determine its global configuration details. I would suggest that for the access point that is getting an IPv6 address assigned it is communicating with an IPv6 enabled router (i.e. it’s responding with a router advertisement). Incidentally it’s responding with a site-local address (fec0::/10), a standard that has been deprecated in favour of Unique Local Addressing.


I think if you find the router that’s issuing IPv6 RAs and disable IPv6 on that, then you’ll find that the MR will no longer auto configure an IPv6 address.

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