Mixing MR36 MR46 & MR56 models


Mixing MR36 MR46 & MR56 models

Hi All, 


Due to budget constraints has anyone tried mixing these models with much success?


I can see how placement using different models could be advantages I'm just not able to set up a lab environment realistically.  


I'd like to leverage a design using different models if there's a possibility that the end result would be good and we could save money. 






Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

At least they are all Wifi-6 devices. I can't see any issue, use the highier tier AP's for the highest density areas is what I would do. Running different models is not really any different than running a mixture of indoor and outdoor access points. I very much doubt end users will notice any difference. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If the featureset is the same you should be fine.  Maybe avoid salt and pepper designs if possible.

Here to help

Running 36 & 46's at different locations. Some offices have a 46 for a conf room then a 36 for the hallways or recpt areas. Also have the outdoor 76 at a few locations with 36's inside. Haven't had any problems in the year they have been deployed.


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