Dashboard Monitor menu.


Dashboard Monitor menu.

Hi, newbie to the community here,

I have a task to upload floorplans of all sites with AP's installed and then map said AP's,

Having followed a simple article, in the dashboard should be able to go to Network-wide > Monitor > Maps & floor plans then upload the floorplans.

Apart from the Organisation menu no other menu's have the 'Monitor' tab, all have the 'Configure' tab.

I cannot see an article on how to enable the 'Monitor' menu, can I get some pointers on what needs to be done?

Thanks in advance.


those top 4 are templates. those wouldn't have a monitor menu as they're just the config settings that are applied to bound networks.

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Kind of a big deal

Maybe you don't have full permissions?  Although it seems odd to have configure without monitor permission.


Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 9.33.39 AM.png


Hi, thanks, that is helpful!


FWIW I have 'inherited' the dashboard, and have been granted 'Administrator' permission.


Found the oddest thing, in the main menu none of the options display the 'Monitor' menu.


However if I click on the Network menu and select an option, 'CORPORATE', CORPORATE_GUEST' and 'CORPORATE_GUEST_TECHNICS' under TEMPLATES, the Monitor menu does NOT appear.


If however I select any one of the four networks under 'Networks' the 'Monitor' menu DOES appear.


In standard best practice set up is this normal???




those top 4 are templates. those wouldn't have a monitor menu as they're just the config settings that are applied to bound networks.


Thank you,

Coming from a fairly new place afa Meraki, can you suggest good videos/ training media to get a solid grounding?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you have a grounding of networking basics, navigating the dashboard is the biggest hurdle you'll face.

Once you get accustomed to it, you'll find most things logically.


There's a few Youtube videos which provide a good overview of the dashboard and how to use it.

Meraki Dashboard 101: Onboarding - YouTube

Cisco Meraki Dashboard overview demonstration - YouTube


Beyond that, I recommend taking some time to get used to where things are laid out in the dashboard.

This is especially necessary for firewall rules/ACL's as there's different places where these can be added.

Also get to know Network Wide settings and Organisation Wide settings - they're typically where you'll spend the least amount of time, but do hold some key settings that you'll likely need at a later time.


Then when you have a good idea of the specific task you're trying to achieve, the Meraki documentation is typically quite good (Google usually gets you to the right place).

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