Communication between SSIDs

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Communication between SSIDs

I have Chromecast devices that connect to a Chrome_SSID( A guest user try's to cast to the device by first connecting to the Guest_SSID (, - they are prompted to join the Guest_SSID, then navigate to a URL and enter a code to cast but this process is not working. Casting from phone connected to the Chrome_SSID works ok.

I have verified that Bridge mode is set on the Chrome_SSID and client isolation is also disabled. Both SSID's are getting their DHCP from upstream Velo device.

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AP firewall rules set to allow?


Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 8.22.52 AM.png

Its setup already,




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What about your guest ssid. Normally  you need to be in the same vlan as the chromecast.


So what is the trick you use here, and what communication needs the guest user for this. Then check if this guest ssid and  gateway/router for this vlans allow this traffic

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How exactly does the casting via url and pin work? What is the communication between house and Chromecast?

Typically for Chromecast discovery across subnets you need to enable bonjour forwarding.


The setup is controlled by a centralized unit onsite(Sonifi). I'm assuming its an inter VLAN issue, Chromecast gets IP from correct VLAN, guest device gets IP from correct VLAN.

I will make the change per your last instruction  - does this have to be done on both SSID's? 


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Sounds like it could be a DNS issue?  Are both SSIDs using the same DNS server?  Can you resolve the URL in question while on the Guest_SSID?

Yes both SSIDs are using same DNS server(external). I have to go back onsite to run some more tests.

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After some more troubleshooting and verifying setup requirements...

CC-Device successfully connects to SSID: CC-Device - obtains IP address from controller (VLAN 200). The SSID is setup in Bridge mode. When connecting to the same SSID (CC-Device)using my phone as a test one is able to cast successfully to the TV that the CC is plugged into. Connecting the same phone to the SSID :Guest Wifi (VLAN 900) however this does not work. Guest wifi is setup in L3 roaming mode. I cannot L3 ping from my phone on the Guest wifi to the controller on the CC-Device. Reviewing the FW rules I have 4 DENY statements on the Guest Wifi but nothing that would stop access to the CC-Device wifi.





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