add layer 3 switches to existing network

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add layer 3 switches to existing network



We need to add layer 3 switch (MS-250 Meraki)  to perform intervlan

we have SAS 5506 That connect to vpn (Anyconnect) in vlan 1 ip

all connection go from this vlan 1 to the server,workstation,printer,vpn......

we need to divide our network to  intervlan 20,30 and keep vlan 1 manage our server and printer

Vlan 1 for server and printer we can not change server and printer  ips)

intervlan for workstation

intervlan for wifi

we alredy create the intervlan interface in the switch and the scope in dhcp server 



IP interface

VLAN id 

DHCP Settings

Mangement vlan



workstation vlan 20


Relay to dhcp server

wifi vlan 30


Relay to dhcp server



Dhcp server 2016 :

we create scope using the switch's routing interface for each VLAN as the gateway for scope 1 for scope 20 scope 30







we start move same workstation to vlan 20 for test

Device in vlan 20 Take adress in vlan 20 , DHCP work fine , but  no internet to this device 

I can not ping any address from vlan 1 when i'm using  vlan 20 or 30 to , but ping work fine between vlan 20 and 30




how to have traffic between my Layer 3 intervlans .Vlan 20 , vlan 30 and vlan 1(native vlan)
until now my pings are succesfull between vlan 20 and 30 but unseccesful when trying to ping vlan 1(native vlan that have all my servers) from vlan 20 and 30



Thank you


Please Advice 



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You cant ping devices in vlan 1 because they have as gateway your 5506. But the 5506 does not know where vlan 20 and 30 are.  So you need to create the static routes.

Ip route

Ip route etc..

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

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