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VLAN in switch access

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VLAN in switch access



I have 10 vlan in my meraki dashboard, in the core switches.


in the access switches I tag in the ports but some vlan do not give ip (but all have their scope configured) and some other vlan do not give me internet (for example I use the same vlan in different switches and in some I have Internet exit and others do not) What I can do ??

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Re: VLAN in switch access

10 vlans in 1 switch/ stack? or do you mean some cores have different layer3 vlan interfaces? 


All switches have the same vlans configured on the trunk interfaces ? 


when no internet,  try a traceroute to 

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Re: VLAN in switch access

a rough sketch and diagram may help with this. make sure your trunks are allowing the VLAN as well. 

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Re: VLAN in switch access

For non-stacked switches, make sure the ports between the switches are configured to be trunk ports. If you have configured a list of allowed VLANs on the trunk ports make sure it includes the VLAN in questoin.

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Re: VLAN in switch access

Like others said check to make sure trunks are working.

Are you receiving DHCP addresses?

Can you reach gateway of each subnet?

Can you ping across subnets?

Are you plugging into an access port properly configured for needed VLAN or are you connecting to a Trunk and getting dumped into the native VLAN?
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