VLAN assignment after successful Cisco ISE authentication

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VLAN assignment after successful Cisco ISE authentication

We have a lot of SER rooms (more then 30) in our office location, each location has assigned a user vlan /23


After authenticated a device/user, via Cisco ISE, the user must be assigned to the specific vlan on the connected switch. 


Cisco is using [show] vlan group command to select the vlan for that switch, but how is this assigned with Cisco Meraki?



Kind of a big deal

Thanks, but no this is not what I am looking for.


All switches has the same configuration, but users are assigned in different VLANs after authenticated by ISE. The designated VLAN is switch specific.

Kind of a big deal

Could you not configure the SSID to simply use the "native" VLAN (aka bridge but don't specify the VLAN).  Users will then be automatically placed in the local VLAN on that switch - that the AP is in.

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