VLAN MX and Switches

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VLAN MX and Switches



I have two different sites;

the first has 2 MX two Core switches, access switches, access point and their own VLANs


the second has 1 MX 1 switch core, access switches, access point and its own VLANs


The first site has its own Internet access with its corresponding public IP


My Access points are trunk in the ports of the corresponding switches and the rest of the ports are access




The second site does not have its own Internet access and does not have a public IP

Then the second site will go online through the first site.

I have thought that I only have to configure the VLANs of the second site in the MX and in the Primary Core.

Is my idea correct or should I consider what I should do ????

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What is your question, are you asking how to create a spoke site to site vpn? 


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No, it will not be through VPN, site two will have internet access through site one

The question is how can I do this ???

And if correctolo what I said in the description of the problem?

Here to help

I'll try to interpret your design...


You have two location/buildings. One has internet and the other does not. 


If all you are trying to do is link the two sites together then you can forgo the MX at the second location. Simply trunk the core switches and create the shared vlans. 


If you wish to keep the separate you could use the MX with internet to service both site by connecting the site cores directly to the MX and use diff vlans in each site and L3 firewall rules to segregate traffic.


I hope you get the idea.



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