Ugly Patch Panel Cables

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Ugly Patch Panel Cables


This isn't necessarily a Meraki MS post but a general networking question. 

I recently setup a network closet picture attached and while everything works perfectly, the cables look "ugly" due to it being stiff and twisting which doesnt look very good. 

Does anybody know a trick to straighten the cables out so they look better? 



Thank you. 





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You can use a cable organizer (I'm don't know the real name in English).




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First tip - use slim-line patch leads for patch panels like this: 


If you have to run the cables "aerially" like that, velcro tie them into bundles of 6 or 8.



When you have a lot of cables, cable management bars really help.  I quite like the "fingered" variety, like:
You take the lid off, run the cables, and then put the lid back on to make it tidy.  This is an example using both horitzontal and vertical fingers (the vertical fingers don't have their lid on here).



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You might be able to get some inspiration with this "before and after" thread. 

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While I do like the look of a tidy network cabinet for me practicality comes first, your cables look easy to trace / replace so if it was me I'd be leaving as is, tidying them is going to cost money which to me is a waste. 


As long as I don't need to spend 5 mins looking for a cable I'm happy for them to be "ugly"
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I guess you are using 25cm long cables on your pic.  There also are 15 cm which are more tight in their loop.

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The cabling job only looks a little ugly because you've got a longer cable than is necessary so your eye just see's the big loops.

As @GIdenJoe mentioned, getting some shorter cables might help.


Some other general guidelines:

 - Micro/Slimline cables make a world of difference

 - Cable management (where it works)

 - Velcro cut to various sizes as needed

 - Try to keep cable runs going to similar sides of the rack. Eg. Most cables going to switch 1go left while cables going to switch 2 go right. Or left half of the switch runs left, right half of the switch runs right.

 - Where possible, use appropriately sized cables. In the real world this isn't always possible but the worst cabling jobs are where you find a 2m ethernet cable for a 20cm connection, and the rest of it is looped up somewhere.

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If that is ugly, you haven't seen much, lol.  I would let it go, but if a customer is bugging you then try a different brand of cables, or hide them in a cabinet or with a covered cable manager.

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I have a mix of mostly 6 inch patch cables there are some 12 inch and longer here.



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