Switch port with VOIP

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Switch port with VOIP



one our our customer has connected shoretel IP phones to MS220-8P with voice VLAN.


But have an ongoing issue at one of our SDWAN connected sites. (using Meraki)  The issue is with voice phone quality.  (ShoreTel phone system).


issue is like a user calls to an extension number and call gets dropped randomly and sometimes caller can hear a voice of other person but the other person couldn't hear anything.


And it is happening with only one particular extension(e.g 4414).


can anyone tell me what all i need to check from meraki switch as i am new to Cisco Meraki.



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Hmm... played around with QoS at all? i suspect since its not a Meraki phone, you may need to setup custom rules. 

okay. can you suggest me custom rules like what??

I haven't played with it too much in my environment, as i dont have VoIP - yet. 
But i think Meraki makes it easy to classify traffic on a port as voice traffic, setting its QoS priority higher. 

In this case, Meraki documentation will be a friend. Check this out: Link to FAQ about VoIP

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

was this problem also before? or did it start after an update or something?


one way call is most likely not a qos issue. 

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I would check the phone as well.  What model is it, 230, 486?  I use ShoreTel as well and configured the QoS in Configure, Switch Settings.  Select your VLAN and leave the Protocol to Any, set the DSCP to... 46 -> class 3 (EF Voice).  Check the settings of the physical port the phone is plugged into and make sure you designated your voice vlan.




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