Small L3 Switch for Wireless LAN Extension Setups

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Small L3 Switch for Wireless LAN Extension Setups

Does anyone else wish for a small (8 to 12 port) Layer 3 switch from Meraki?   There are some future setups that we'd love to try out for job sites with multiple trailers and yards with multiple small buildings, where running cables between buildings isn't feasible, and we'd like to use MR's as mesh repeaters to extend the LAN wirelessly.


I hate the idea of having to spend a ton of money on a 24 port L3 switch to hook up MR's internally in the remote building to provide good wifi to all corners of the building or hook up some internal IoT devices.  



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@NJNetworkGuy100 I'd love something like an MS355X2-8P with 4x 1Gb, 4x mGig, 1xSFP+ and 1xQSFP+


Now wouldn't that be a pocket powerhouse 😎


You could of course downgrade the uplink ports a bit, but I wouldn't want to lose the mGig

Getting noticed

8 Port mGig would be great for Homelab or small Wifi 6 Sites..

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Its not a ms, but mx68 has 12 ports.

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If you don't need routing in your setup, the 8 port layer 2 switch is a solid switch.

Dave Anderson
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