Routing traffic from one VLAN to another gateway

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Routing traffic from one VLAN to another gateway

On site, i've got an MX100 > MS250 > MS210 Access switches.  We have 2 gateways out of the site, one through an MPLS link which connects to the MS250 and one through the MX100 that goes out to the internet.


All of the VLANs currently have a default route pointing to the MX100 to send internet traffic out and then static routes on the L3 switches that route traffic to anything on the other side of the MPLS link through the MPLS router.  What i'd like to do is set a VLAN up where the default route, meaning any external traffic, goes out through the MPLS router and not the MX100.  I know this can be done on a Cisco switch but can't figure out how to do it on the Meraki MS250s.  Anyone have any ideas?


This is essentially what i'd like to do -

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Kind of a big deal

I don't think that's possible today. You'd need policy based routing.


See also this topic:

Bugger, thank you.  Presume Meraki are no closer to getting this implemented at all on the L3 Switches?


It's not desperate to happen but it would definitely have been nice.

I have no access to the roadmap so I couldn't say. Best to make a wish and reach out to your Meraki rep.

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