Old config won't leave? extra: no_offers_received, vap: 0, vlan: 100 errors from switch

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Old config won't leave? extra: no_offers_received, vap: 0, vlan: 100 errors from switch

I replaced a couple of MS120 with MS125 over the weekend and I'm seeing an odd error. I bought them refurbished and it seemed the old owner didn't remove the config. When I plugged them in, I couldn't get anything to work. So I pushed the reset buttons for ~5 seconds and then things started working,. However, I'm now seeing strange things in the event log. 

I'm getting a ton of "extra: no_offers_received, vap: 0, vlan: 100" errors. I do not have a VLAN 100:


Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 5.53.08 PM.png

and I am not using a 10.110.x.x subnet anywhere, but it seems the devices both have 10.110.x.x addresses:

Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 5.55.00 PM.png


I'm running a DHCP server on the network, and there are plenty of addresses available. Allow DHCP servers is set and there is only the one on the network. 

It seems like what happened is that the MX95 saw the original config on the MS125's and after resetting them, it didn't recognize that things have changed. Is there any way to force the system to re-check the setup and get the correct IP addresses/VLAN's?


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Ok you have factory reset the switches however they have pulled an old config somehow. If you set statically assigned management IP's for all of the switches does the errors go away? 

Good call. That seems to be what happened. Strangely, in the switch config interface, it did have a correct subnet IP assigned as DHCP, but when clicking the edit button, I can see the static configuration. I wonder if this static config kept the device from reaching the internet and getting the correct new config from me? But if that were the case, it would seem that the device wouldn't be manageable at all. 


I would have thought that a factory reset would have wiped the previous config and prevented it from retrieving the old config completely. Is there another way to reset the device that completely wipes it?


Thank you!

A factory reset will remove the config, but once the switch checks back in, it will re-apply the saved config assigned for that serial number, in the Network in which it's logically deployed.   If you want the switch to not load a duff setting, remove the duff setting in Dashboard, before it checks back in.   You may (also) find switches reverting to a locally stored Safe Config, if they can't get back to Dashboard any other way.   https://documentation.meraki.com/General_Administration/Cross-Platform_Content/Behavior_during_Conne...

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