OSPF static route redistribution on MS switch

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OSPF static route redistribution on MS switch

In my current Cisco switching environment, I re-distribute static routes into our OSPF instance.  I create a prefix list, and have a route map that references the prefix list, then re-distribute the route map in the OSPF config. 


Can an MS switch re-distribute a static route into OSPF?



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Thank you very much! 


We don't have any Meraki switches, yet.  We're in the evaluation phase right now, and that's one feature we need in any future switch purchase.  

Just make sure you get the ones that support it. I think its MS250 and up.


Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com
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@CML_Todd Be sure to get a demo and test it in your lab. We do some redistribution on the MS420s and they don't always act they way you think when you make a change to a route you are injecting into OSPF.

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Thanks for the heads ups Zilla! I definitely plan on getting a demo.
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