Meraki switches down after firmware upgrade

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Meraki switches down after firmware upgrade

We've multiple Meraki environments and after a firmware upgrade, some of the MS220 switches allways need a manual reboot.

The switches are down but the lights are on... are we the only one's with this problem?


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You are not the only one experiencing this issue. I had upgraded to the latest beta firmware last night. Came in this morning and none of the POE device ports were active. I had to manually reboot the switch, unplug the power, to resolve the issue. 

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Like Mike_Rapp said, it happens sometimes.

Not sure why this happens. Perhaps reboot command that's not executed properly because when you unplug the power and plug it in again all is fine.

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I've been getting this with the MS220-8P's. The switch can come back up then drop out a few minutes later requiring a hard reset to return.

No issues with MS225's yet.
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Same here I've had this issue albeit it was only with MS220-8P's like other posters.

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Looks like this has potentially been fixed:

  • MS22/42/220/320 switches may hang on boot and require physical intervention. This was introduced in MS 9.0 and fixed in MS 9.25. Physical intervention may also be required during the upgrade.
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Updating from 9.26 to 9.31 leads to switches stopped working: MS-220-8P, MS220-24LP and MS220-48LP.

No issues on the MS225 series.


@redsector How did you fix them? Reboot? Factory Reset?

A power cycle by physically unplugging is what allowed them to come back online, with the new firmware. 

I agree a physical power cycle will fix the issue.

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Yes. Removing power for a minute solved the problem.

It´s a pitty when the switches are far away!



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I had to remove the power cable, after an minute replugging. And the switch was starting and working well.

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Just had this issue for the second time in the last week. 220-8P requiring reboot after firmware upgrade. It shows it hasn't checked in the dashboard but can ping devices connected to it across the network. weird. 

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We have had this as well - Ive just made it a point to make sure someone is available to go on site if i'm not able to. 

Usually I don't recommend to upgrade the switch from a stable firmware unless to adopt new features or to fix any potential bug. I have experienced this issue and called Meraki support team to downgrade to old stable firmware. Same goes for MR AP.
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Hi there,


You are not the only one experiencing that. It happened to me a few weeks ago. Switches were on, green lights but not working at all.

I even did a factory reset in one of the switches. Anyhow, the 3-4 switches had to be manually unplug from power and I even had to swap my main switch.

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