L3 Switch ACLs - Can you have multiple networks separated by commas?

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L3 Switch ACLs - Can you have multiple networks separated by commas?

Hi Folks,


I'm been tasked with cleaning up our ACL on one of our switches.  In a case where multiple networks have to be denied/allowed to a single network, is it possible to enter all the "denied" networks on one line of the ACL in the "source" field separted by commas, and a single network in the "destination field"?


Currently everything is broken out, line by line, in a 1:1 relationship.



                Source                                                                                         Destination


Kind of a big deal

@jdsilva I think the screenshot you sent me is from a firewall config.  What I'm asking about is the Switch>ACL config.

Kind of a big deal

Wow! I'm incredibly unhelpful today eh? Sorry about that.


Looks like switches thrown an error when you try and do the same 😞



Yeah, that's my issue, I get the same error.  I'm trying to trim down the ACL as right now it's maxed out at 128 entries (unless that can be increased??) 


I can do some summarization within my networks to group things a little better, but commas would make everything much faster, lol.



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