Port mirroring to a trunk port with a VM sniffer on tagged Vlan


Port mirroring to a trunk port with a VM sniffer on tagged Vlan

We are trying to setup a mirror source port where the Meraki FW is attached and send the mirrored traffic to a trunk port where a virtualization host is connected which has a sniffer VM on a tagged Vlan.  The first attempt for the mirroring caused all of the other tagged Vlan traffic to fail.  The switch is an MS250-48LP with firmware MS11.30

Kind of a big deal

Mirroring a port copies everything on one port to another port.  All tags will also be copied.  It wont strip the tags or somehow replace them with a new single tag.

So the destination port should not be an existing port being used for something else.


You'll need to connect this destination port up to a new different NIC on your VMWare server (should be part of a different vSwitch).  The VM itself will need to be configured to use promiscuous mode in VMWare.


Thanks for the quick response.  The VM host is Proxmox at the site in question, so hopefully it has the same vswitch capability as VMWare and we will have to add an additional NIC as well. 



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