bad DNS - Switch and AP


bad DNS - Switch and AP

I have a branch have Meraki MX, Switch, AP. 


Problem: Meraki MX DNS is working fine (Green) , but Switch and AP are showing bad DNS. so they are in alerting. 

This cause user cannot connect to network. 

Once i restart MX, everything is back to normal. they are back in green. 

Note: Switch and AP management IP is vlan 1, vlan 1 is configured to use upstream dns. 

MX firewall WAN 1 DNS is configured based on local telco. 


Can it be local telco DNS issue? but how to explain when i restarted the MX, everything is back to green again? 


Any idea? 


Thank you. 



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Any chance something is also configured with the MX VLAN1 LAN IP address?

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