Group ports in switch to seperate network

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Group ports in switch to seperate network

I have two switches that are running our phone system. They get DHCP from the phone central.


They are all on a closed network and so the switches are not connected to our LAN and therefore do not have internet access.


Now I want to connect the switches to the LAN and make 5 - 6 ports isolated from the rest so I can combine the switch to serve my normal LAN and my phone network


The phones run off native LAN 1


I dont want the DHCP of my LAN to give IP adresses to phones and vice versa.


How do I seperate these two in the same switch?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

make some access ports with another vlan number on the Phone switches and connect one port to an access port (on your normal lan switch)with the vlan you want to extend.


for example: on lan switch access port with vlan 1. on phone switch 5 access ports with vlan 2. and connect the vlan1 port to one vlan 2 port.

so only those 5 vlan2 ports will recieve dhcp from my "normal" lan?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

yes , just put the vlan on those access-ports (make portType access) . You dont need to create a L3 vlan interface on that Phone switch for this vlan.

Getting noticed

I would just make a vlan for those ports.   assuming of course you're running an MX device on the network you can just make the vlan not respond to DHCP request.

I am not running a Meraki MX (Yet)


I have setup the port like this now : 



Type : Access
Policy : open

VLAN : 2


But when I plugin a LAN cable on the port it does see all other ports and give DHCP to my phones 😞




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

this is a picture of the port on the VOIP switch or your normal LAN switch?

On the LAN switch put the port in access vlan 1, on the VOIP switch put the access port in VLAN 2

Your other ports on the VOIP switch are they also access ports? make sure the VOIP ports are set to trunk ports with only allowed vlan 1 or access port with VLAN 1.

the VOIP switch, I havent made any settings on the LAN switch

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