Multi-Auth Scenarios

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Multi-Auth Scenarios



"With multi-auth, each connected device is required to authenticate. Multiple devices may be connected to each port. Guest VLANs are not support in this mode."


What happens if one of the devices is not authenticated?


What is the interaction between ISE, Dynamic VLAN assignment, and an access interface with a multi-auth policy. Lets say that 2 clients connect to the same interface, authenticates, and are assigned two different VLANs by ISE. What happens?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Try and avoid this scenario.  Don't use hubs.  Have each device plug into an 802.1x switch port.


Trust me, if you value stability and you want to use 802.1x don't introduce this complexity.

Unfortunatly that's not a solution.



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