Enabling DHCP allocation on Meraki MS220-8P

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Enabling DHCP allocation on Meraki MS220-8P

Can anyone please assist, I need to check if DHCP is setup on our Meraki MS220-8P switch. Is it setup by default? it is connected to a Cisco router and DHCP is enabled on the router but for some reason the switch won't allocate IP addresses to devices.  

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The MS220 doesn't have a DHCP server, it only supports DHCP-relay. The DHCP service has to be configured on a separate device like on the router as in your case. All the address-assignment has to be done on that device.

Kind of a big deal

Can you confirm it is like this?


internet handoff > router (with DHCP server enabled) > MS220-8P > client device with DHCP enabled?


At default clients should get IP address from DHCP server on the router.  If you have made configurations on the switch like VLAN's or DHCP relay it could be interfering with that process.

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