Do MS switches support Bonjour gateway?

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Do MS switches support Bonjour gateway?

Do the MS line of switches support Bonjour gateway or broadcasting Bonjour over different subnets/VLANs? Looking to have our printers and clients on different VLANs when we do a switch refresh later this year.
If not, we don't have THAT many printers, so I could put them on the client VLAN.
Thanks for any input.
Kind of a big deal

@mvalpreda : Have a look i think it is for MX devices.


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Kind of a big deal

I don't believe so - the link from Inderdeep is for the access points. There is bonjour forwarding support on the MR (wireless access points), and also on the MX (security appliance). This is stated on this page too,

Kind of a big deal



Note that if you do use another device for bonjour forwarding it doesn't usually work if the printers are on the native VLAN (usually 1).  You normally have to create a separate dedicated VLAN.

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